Who Goes Number 1?! 3X3 Women’s Mock Draft

The Schick 3X3 Cup (14-16 October) is fast approaching, but before we get there all teams must head to the Player Draft next Wednesday (1 September) where each Captain will make three selections.


The draft order for the first two rounds has been revealed, while the order of third round selections will be decided live on draft night.


One added complexity for the women’s teams is trying to cater for the players who were recently selected in a 19-player Sky Sport Tall Ferns wider squad ahead of the Asia Cup.


As it currently sits, the national team will still be in MIQ (following the Asia Cup) when the Schick Cup is being played.


Season 2021 Sal’s NBL players who have also registered for the 3X3 draft named in the Sky Sport Tall Ferns squad include Ella Fotu, Lauryn Hippolite, Ash Kelman-Poto, Esra McGoldrick, Katelin Noyer and Zoe Richards.


If a 3X3 team selects a player who is then selected for the Sky Sport Tall Ferns final squad of 12, the team can replace the player from the draft pool (of undrafted players).


What does all of this mean? Well, put simply, teams (captains) will need to think carefully how they approach the draft and who they select.


The Southland Storm, a new team, have the first pick. Possible options are 3X3 gun Tiarna Clarke, or Dream star Sharne Robati. Or do the Storm continue their fruitful relationship with the Kelman-Poto family? It's anybody's guess... here's ours...


  1. Storm - Tiarna Clarke
  2. Swish - Josie Stockill
  3. Breeze - Ella Fotu
  4. Dream - Sharne Robati
  5. Wildcats - Hannah Mischewski
  6. Wizards - Matangiroa Flavell
  7. Sparks - Ash Kelman-Poto
  8. Thunder - Esra McGoldrick
  9. Gold Rush - Zoe Richards
  10. Blaze - Kararaina Pene
  11. Blaze - Rosalia Samia
  12. Gold Rush - Olivia Berry
  13. Thunder - Maka Daysh
  14. Sparks - Jelena Vucinic
  15. Wizards - Arielle Parai
  16. Wildcats - Hailey Moala
  17. Dream - Katelin Noyer
  18. Breeze - Paris Lokotui
  19. Swish - Grace Simi Vaofusi
  20. Storm – Nicole Gleason



Storm – Aliyah Dunn

Swish – Jacinta Beckley

Breeze – Jazz Kailahi-Fulu

Dream – Casyn Buchman

Wildcats – Lauryn Hippolite

Wizards – Kayla Manuirirangi

Sparks – Amanda Wayment

Thunder – Tara Clement

Gold Rush – Nicole Ruske 

Blaze – Awatea Leach


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