Sky Sport Set To Broadcast The Full Sal’s NBL Season

Sky Sport will be taking women’s basketball to a new level this August and September with the full Sal’s NBL season (33 games) to be broadcast live across New Zealand.

The 2021 season will be played at Pulman Arena in south Auckland where six teams will be in action across six weeks, playing games between Thursday and Sunday each week. The full schedule is listed below.

Harbour Breeze, Auckland Dream, Waikato Wizards, Capital Swish, Canterbury Wildcats and Otago Gold Rush are set to battle it out for the national title.

Players include Sky Sport Tall Ferns stars Stella Beck (Swish), Charlisse Leger-Walker (Wizards), Krystal Leger-Walker (Wizards), Tessa Boagni (Wildcats), Ash Kelman-Poto (Breeze), Ella Fotu (Breeze) and NBA Global Academy youngster Lilly Taulelei (Swish).

In announcing the broadcast agreement, Sky Sport Chief Executive Sophie Moloney said, “We’re so excited to be part of the growth of women’s basketball in Aotearoa and just can’t wait to see superstars like the Leger-Walkers shine here in New Zealand, as they have done in the USA. This deal is an important part of our long-held commitment to increase the profile of women in sport – ‘if you see, you know you can be’. 

“The Sal’s NBL and the Tall Ferns show there is a pathway for young women in one of the world’s fastest growing sports and it’s our privilege to work with the team at Basketball New Zealand to bring this to life on Sky Sport and Sky Sport Now.”

Proudly presented by SkyCity and Auckland Unlimited, the Sal’s NBL competition continues to grow each year and League General Manager Justin Nelson believes the partnership with Sky Sport is playing an integral part in helping the competition to expand and grow.

“It is incredibly important to the growth of girls and women’s basketball across New Zealand that our national league is on television and there is no better place than on Sky Sport, the home of basketball,” said Nelson.

“This year’s competition will see plenty of top-end talent on court, plus an amazing number of rising stars. The depth of women’s basketball is growing very quickly and the chance for young girls to watch these elite athletes is incredible.

“We value our relationship with Sky Sport very highly, they continue to be a huge supporter of women’s sport. I cannot understate how important that is for our athletes, fans and the community,” added Nelson.


Sal’s NBL Schedule

Thursday August 12                                                             

7pm:    Auckland Dream vs Waikato Wizards                                                              

Friday August 13                                                                  

6pm:    Otago Gold Rush vs Capital Swish

8pm:    Harbour Breeze vs Canterbury Wildcats                   

Saturday August 14                                                             

6pm:    Waikato Wizards vs Otago Gold Rush

8pm:    Harbour Breeze vs Auckland Dream                

Sunday August 15       

3pm:    D-League Grand Final

6pm:    Waikato Wizards vs Capital Swish

8pm:    Auckland Dream vs Canterbury Wildcats                  

Thursday August 19                                                             

6pm:    Harbour Breeze vs Otago Gold Rush

8pm:    Capital Swish vs Canterbury Wildcats

Friday August 20                                                                   

6pm:    Waikato Wizards vs Harbour Breeze

8pm:    Auckland Dream vs Capital Swish

Saturday August 21

6pm:    Canterbury Wildcats vs Waikato Wizards

8pm:    Auckland Dream vs Otago Gold Rush

Sunday August 22

6pm:    Capital Swish vs Harbour Breeze

8pm:    Otago Gold Rush vs Canterbury Wildcats

Thursday August 26

7pm:    Waikato Wizards vs Auckland Dream

Friday August 27

6pm:    Capital Swish vs Otago Gold Rush

8pm:    Canterbury Wildcats vs Harbour Breeze

Saturday August 28

6pm:    Capital Swish vs Waikato Wizards

8pm:    Canterbury Wildcats vs Auckland Dream

Sunday August 29

6pm:    Otago Gold Rush vs Waikato Wizards

8pm:    Auckland Dream vs Harbour Breeze

Thursday September 2

6pm:    Canterbury Wildcats vs Capital Swish

8pm:    Otago Gold Rush vs Harbour Breeze

Friday September 3

6pm:    Capital Swish vs Auckland Dream

8pm:    Harbour Breeze vs Waikato Wizards

Saturday September 4

6pm:    Otago Gold Rush vs Auckland Dream

8pm:    Waikato Wizards vs Canterbury Wildcats

Sunday September 5

6pm:    Harbour Breeze vs Capital Swish

8pm:    Canterbury Wildcats vs Otago Gold Rush

Thursday September 9

7pm:    Semi-Final 1     (1st vs 4th)

Friday September 10

7pm:    Semi-Final 2     (2nd vs 3rd)

Saturday September 11

7pm:    Grand Final      (SF1 winner vs SF2 winner)



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