Six Personal Fouls Coming to Tauihi in 2023

GJ Gardner Homes Tauihi is set to introduce a trial of six personal fouls for players in 2023.

Starting from this season, players in Tauihi will be permitted six personal fouls in a game, up from the traditional five fouls.

In the competition’s inaugural season, the introduction of Player Only Timeouts proved successful, and as a result were introduced into the Sal’s NBL this season.

Off the back of the Sky Broadband Rapid League being introduced to Tauihi this season, the League will now also deliver a move on personal fouls, making it similar to the WNBA where players also have six personal fouls in a 40-minute game.

Following an consultative process involving all five Tauihi teams, Basketball New Zealand, the Tall Ferns coaching staff and the National Leagues Board, the move to six personal fouls was recommended for trial this season.

General Manager Maree Taylor believes the rule change will elevate the product and be beneficial for everyone from players, to coaches, to fans.

"We're excited to trial six personal fouls in 2023, as we believe it helps keep the competition's top talent on the court for longer and create a more exciting spectacle for the fans as a result.

"With the influx of talent in Tauihi, whether that's players abroad or top-tier locals returning home, we want to make sure to highlight them as much as possible and an extra personal foul helps with that," said Taylor.

The move also aligns with requests from Sky Sport to explore further innovation that helps the competition to form a deeper connection with fans and viewers. A part of Sky’s request was to provide ways for star players to spend more time on court and entertaining fans and viewers, with a move to six personal fouls, as seen in the WNBA, being one move to help deliver this.

The League will conduct a full analysis on the move at the end of the 2023 season before deciding if six personal fouls will become permanent in season 2024, and beyond.


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