What is Rapid League?

  • Rapid League is a standalone competition with its own game results, television coverage, player awards, commercial properties and data/wagering agreements.
  • Rapid League is a shorter 16-minute game (playing time) featuring Tauihi players and played prior to every regular season Tauihi game.
  • Rapid League is a legitimate competition, it adds a strategic element to how teams manage their roster and game points from the Rapid League go towards the Tauihi ladder.
  • Rapid League will have its own set of awards, including MVP, All-Star 5, Leading Scorer, Leading Rebounder and Rising Star.
  • Rapid League will help develop all players quicker with every player on a roster having to play in each Rapid/Tauihi game night.
  • Rapid League will deliver fans and viewers a better experience with two games for the price of one and an opportunity to see every team’s full roster playing and contributing to the result

How does Rapid League work?

  • Prior to every regular season game in Tauihi Basketball Aotearoa there will be a Rapid League game – same court, same TV cameras, same officials and the same Tauihi players … almost.
  • Rapid League will only feature the players NOT selected in the starting five for the following Tauihi game – players 6 through 12.
  • Teams must announce their Tauihi starting five players 45 minutes before Rapid League tip-off, therefore also selecting the seven players who will play in the Rapid League game.
  • Full stats and television coverage will be provided for Rapid League separately from Tauihi.
  • Rapid League teams are permitted to wear different uniforms provided they meet League approval and commercial requirements, meaning teams can also build new properties for sponsors.
  • Team courtside signage can change between both games if desired. Any court decals and fixed signage cannot be changed.
  • Rapid League games mostly play to the same rules as a Tauihi game, except for some subtle differences.
  • On the Tauihi ladder, Teams are awarded 1 point for winning a Rapid League game and 3 points for winning a Tauihi game.
  • At the end of the regular season, the team with the most Rapid League wins will be crowned the Rapid League Champions for the season.
  • Rapid League ends at the completion of the regular season and does not continue during the Tauihi finals

More info on Rapid League HERE.


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